Carpro-Tec The first car alarm system, which helps to get your car back quickly!

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CarPro-Tec - The new vehicle alarm system The FA-06 is the successor of FA-04 and FA-05. With our latest development, CarPro-Tec with Bluetooth-Aura, several devices are combined in just one device. The vehicle alarm system offers you everything that modern vehicle monitoring can offer. You will not find any comparable offer in the German market. CarPro-Tec is offered exclusively by AMG-Sicherheitstechnik.

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Quick facts

Carpro-Tec® is the latest development in vehicle safety

  • Carpro-Tec® supports the reconnaissance with photos of the thief and current GPS location
  • there is no need for installation in the workshop, which saves expensive additional costs
  • installation and commissioning takes only a few minutes
  • the entire vehicle is protected without wired sensors
  • many helpful features such as GPS tracker, dash cam, navigation device, emergency smartphone are already included at no extra cost
  • Perks include complete products and worldwide delivery

Problem description

?The first car alarm system, which helps to get your car back quickly!? 

  • It is very hard to get his vehicle back after it is stolen.
  • Criminal bands are nowadays well-equipped and can sell many vehicles within a short time or divide them into single parts.
  • Conventional alarm systems do not help you to get your car back. 

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What happens if your beloved car is stolen?

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.      You have to make many paths. Clarification with police, insurance, car rental and so on

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.      You must fill out many forms , which costs much time

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.      Insurances only pay for the time value of your vehicle, so that so that you usually can buy only a lower priced vehicle as a replacement

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.      You need to walk or take bus and train to work and carry your shopping bags  home while waiting for many weeks until insurance paid

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the solution

All this can now be effectively prevented.

With Carpro-Tec®, the first vehicle alarm system,
which helps to reconnaissance the theft and return your property quickly.

How does Carpro-Tec® work?

Early information helps to prevent the theft.

If somebody open your car in the parking lot near you, you will immediately receive a message on your smartphone, so the theft can usually be prevented.

Quick information gives more control and safety.

However, if you are too far away to act quickly,  you  need the help of Carpro-Tec® and police. 

Carpro-Tec® will inform you immediately and will always show.exact position of your vehicle and send  photos of the thief.

You give these informations to the police, and the police can quickly solve the theft.

Without a vehicle alarm system with reconnaissance function, the chance is very low that you can get your vehicle or properties back quickly.

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What makes Carpro-Tec ® different?

Carpro-Tec® is the first wireless alarm system in the world, which monitors a complete vehicle without additional sensors. Carpro-Tec® secures doors, windows, trunk and towing away

In case of an alarm, the owner receives photos of the thief and the current position of his vehicle on his smartphone, plus SMS and call and can listen into his car.


Carpro-Tec® can be used in every country of the world. The alarm system reports the alarm via GSM / UMTS / LTE, as a silent alarm or with a shock siren in the vehicle interior, just by your choice

The system works with a new kind of digital radio sensor and a newly developed software. The alarm center is a modern smartphone, which is included in the delivery. For use in motor homes, caravans, trucks and boats Carpro-Tec® can be equipped with additional wireless sensors such as smoke, gas, CO gas, temperature, water, movement and many more kind of sensors.

In addition, Carpro-Tec® includes a GPS tracker, a full-featured video dash cam, emergency smartphone and a modern navigation system.

The Carpro-Tec® radio sensor and the control center only have to be supplied with power in the vehicle, there is no more to do. The commissioning takes only a few minutes and can be carried out without specialist knowledge. All functions are ensured by emergency power supply for 24 hours, even if theft cut off car battery. Because the system is updatable over the Internet, the system cannot become obsolete.

Most car alarm systems get their power from car battery. But after 3-4 weeks parking (like during holiday), the car alarm made battery empty and you can?t restart your car.  To avoid this Carpro-Tec® is developed to work with very low current. And Carpro-Tec® can work with any common powerbank, which you know from smartphone charging. A 20.000 mAh powerbank is able to let your Carpro-Tec® system work for 3-4 weeks, without fear about your car battery. The powerbank is charged during driving. The powerbank is available as accessory for Carpro-Tec®, but you can use any powerbank with USB socket.

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With the radio remote control you can arm and disarm the system in your vehicle from distance up to 100 m.

Why do we use a smartphone as an alarm center?

Many functions are required for optimal protection, for example:

a photo camera, a GPS module, telephone function, e-mail and SMS, vibration sensor, Bluetooth receiving, 3G data transmission, programmable memory for the software, etc.

All this is already present in a smartphone. Therefore smartphones offer the best basis for the development of a high-quality protection. We use the smartphone as a computer with many sensors and additional features. Our newly developed Aura sensor is the only transmitter worldwide that can work with a smartphone as an alarm center. Only Aura can detect whether doors or trunk are opened, window break or the vehicle are being towed away. Without additional cabled sensors and with wireless signal to the smartphone control center. The special monitoring software in the smartphone then starts to safe the evidence and sends the alarm messages to you.

How to come to such an idea?

The development of Carpro-Tec® resulted from the unsatisfied offer of vehicle alarm systems available on the market. Often customers asked us for better alarm systems, with more functions and simple installations.

Most vehicle alarm systems on market are expensive, complicated and often needs to be installed in a specialist workshop.

Added to this was the small range of functions. Today?s available alarm systems can only start a siren / horn / turn signals and possibly make a call. Expensive systems partly include a GPS tracker.

We missed supporting functions after theft and the possibility to expand the system with additional sensors. We missed evidence photos of the thief, remote access to photos or audio recordings and to control the system via Internet and via an app or SMS.

That?s why we defined together with customers the following functions:

?          The entire system must be very easy to install

?          There shall be no additionally installation costs

?          No intervention in the vehicle electronics

?          The selling price must be favorable, even if there are many new functions

?          The system has to be operable via remote control, app and SMS

?          The system should help the owner to gets his car back as quick as possible

?          The system should help to convict the thief with clear evidence

?          The owner should be immediately informed of theft on the telephone

?          It must be very easy to transfer the alarm system into a new car 

?          The system should be updateable to get the latest features

?          The update must be available over the Internet so that the system can´t become obsolete

Comparison with other successful car alarm system

See the result of our development in comparison to one of the most sold car alarm system in the world* (according to informations of the manufacturer)

compare carpro-tec

What happens in the event of an alarm?

In the case of an alarm, the following measures are carried out:

The siren and red blinking light in the vehicle try to chase the thief out of car, or if you like, a silent alarm is done.

the smartphone centre starts automatically to make photos of the thief and transmit them to you, together with actual GPS position.

You will receive an e-mail, SMS and a call.

During the call you have the possibility to listen into the vehicle.

In following time, always when thief turns on the smartphone display, new photos and GPS position are transmitted without his knowledge.

At any time you can ask the centre to send you newest photos and GPS positions. By these features, you have always the control over the situation and can support the police to catch thief and bring back your vehicle.


In addition, you can control Carpro-Tec® at any time by sending an SMS or app command You have the following options:

  1.   arm/disarm the system
  2.   listen into the vehicle
  3. get additional photos and current GPS position

Some more informations about the technology

How does the Aura sensor work?

Our new sensor Aura includes 2 features: a special subsonic sensor and a newly developed wireless transmitter, which can communicate with the smartphone centre.

Software evaluates the inaudible air vibrations which are caused by opening door or trunk or breaking window and decides whether an alarm is triggered. In case of alarm a coded wireless signal is sent to smartphone-center, which starts the alarm. The sensitivity of the sensor is infinitely adjustable; this makes the Aura sensor fit for any car.

The Aura sensor may additionally work with other radio sensors, e.g. magnet doorgaps, smoke detectors, KO gas and gas detectors, water detectors or motion detectors.

This allows you to protect also caravans, mobile homes, trucks and boats by your requirement.

Inexpensive, simple and completely without workshop costs. The radio sensors and the Aura sensor are connected to each other by pressing a button.  And no foreign signals can trigger an alarm by the coding method.


And the Carpro-Tec® alarm central in the smartphone offers further highlights:

You can set up your own personal protection. For that a large number of sensors are available in the app:

Sensors for

Vibration, noise, light, movement, display start, charger remove and many more features.

Carpro-Tec® offers the most extensive possibilities ever installed in a safety system.

For example: you have no car, but you want to secure an apartment, a weekend house, a garage, a room, a safe, a closet? No problem.

Carpro-Tec® has been developed as a mobile system. With a common Powerbank Carpro-Tec® can protect your belongings for many weeks without network power.

No telephone line or DSL router is required. Carpro-Tec® can be used anywhere, for all protection tasks. Carpro-Tec® includes all alarms such as e-mail, push message, call, SMS, remote access via the Internet and SMS, including photo surveillance and GPS position tracking. You will not find a more versatile safety system anywhere.

motion detector                          smoke detector

The arming LED indicates the switching status of the system at any time. Thus, you know whether the system is armed or disarmed.



The handy remote control in the noble metallic look can be attached to the key ring and is protected by a sliding shutter from unwanted arming / disarming.

The set contains a modern full-fledged Android smartphone, released at april 2017. Technical specifications of the smartphone:


Carpro-Tec® offers, in addition to the protection of the vehicle, also some helpful additional functions

The following functions can be used in everyday life.

?          Dash cam with automatic data backup in case of accident

?          Integrated navigation system

?          Full-featured GPS tracker with remote access and position display on Google Maps

?          Emergency telephone (if you forgot your smartphone at home or office)

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About us

Since 2004, our company AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has been developing and producing innovative safety solutions for apartments, houses, companies and vehicles. In 2016, AMG was honored as one of the Top 100 of the most innovative companies in Germany. Our highly experienced development team has many years of know-how. Our developed products correspond to the high standard Made in Germany, are protected worldwide by patents and are only available through licensed retailers or in our online shops.

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Vehicle theft is a big problem worldwide. We would like to offer you here the opportunity to get this new and innovative technology in early stage of sale. We are sure, you will never want to miss Carpro-Tec® again.


1 x Smartphone in selected color
2 x remote control
1 x AMGoSmart Basic App installed on alarm
1 x Alarmphone protective cover
1 x metal foil, glued on both sides with black foil, for insertion into the protective cover
1 x BT Aura
1 x internal siren, wired (cable length approx. 70cm)
1 x Dual USB Charger for cigarette lighter
1 x 1.5 to 2 m DC connection cable with open cable ends for BT Aura
1 x 2m cigarette lighter adapter 12V DC for BT Aura
1 x 3 m white cable with angle USB plug
1 x 5 m arming light
1 x SIM card with 5 EUR start credits
1 x printed manual BT Aura (manual AMGoSmart is included in app)

Fragen & Antworten

Ist eine Scharfschaltung während der Anwesenheit des Nutzer im Fahrzeug möglich, ohne Fehlalarm auszulösen (Nachtabsicherung)?

Die Zentrale verfügt über einen Sensor, der den Druckunterschiede misst, wie sie beim Öffnen einer Fahrerkabine oder Kofferraum entsteht. Die Sensibilität kann stufenlos eingestellt werden, sodass auch eine Einstellung gewählt werden kann, die keine ungewollte Auslösung verursacht.

Wenn Sie bei erschwerten Umgebungsbedigungen auf Nummer sicher gehen wollen, dann nutzen Sie einfach einen zusätzlichen Funk-Magnetsensor und drehen den Haupt-Sensor entsprechend runter.
Die Funk-Sensoren lösen den selben Alarmablauf aus wie der Haupt-Sensor in der Zentrale.


Die Testphase ist natürlich noch etwas kurz, aber für den Anfang hat mich die Vielseitigkeit der Einstellmöglichkeiten, aber auch die Einfachheit der Installation beeindruckt. Man muss sich natürlich mit den Einstellmöglichkeiten beschäftigen, so wie ich das mit der selbsterstellten Tabelle getan habe.

Aktuell nutze ich das Smartphone in Verbindung mit der Aura und dem Gassensor noch ohne Anschluss der Sirene, um Fehlalarme der Aura (z.B. bei Gewitter oder Sturm) austesten zu können.
Als Back-up habe ich noch einen GPS-Sender von Ihnen im Fahrzeug an versteckter Stelle, damit ich bzgl. Fahrzeugposition nicht vom Smartphone abhängig bin.
Ich kann das System aus jetziger Sicht absolut empfehlen. Ich habe mich bewusst gegen die im Wohnmobilbereich verbreitete WiPro III entschieden, da mir die Installation zu aufwendig war und jedes Fenster einzeln mit einem Magnetkontakt abzusichern wäre.

Mein Vorteil war, dass ich bereits Erfahrungen mit dem Prinzip der Aura von meiner Aris 868 zu Hause habe.
Meine Fragen konnte Herr Goldmann fast alle direkt am Tel. beantworten, das hat mir sehr weiter geholfen. Für 2 noch ausstehende Fragen haben wir vereinbart, dass er sich noch per Email meldet.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Frank S.


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