BMZ speech siren

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  • BMZ Speech siren with radio transmitter
  • 100 m Radio range on free field
  • Text as required
  • 2 years running time with only 1. battery
  • Universally applicable in the house

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The new BMZ speech siren 
In the event of a fire, it is important that the residents are alerted immediately and very loudly. Usually this is done by the signal tone of the smoke detector and via a siren of the fire alarm control panel... In the case of a siren alarm, however, a certain lack of orientation occurs at the beginning, because it is not immediately clear what happened, why the siren howls.Valuable time elapses until all residents are informed about the fire and leave the property. It should be remembered that a room can burn brightly within approx. 15 seconds, at a temperature development of around 700 degrees Celsius. Therefore only one thing helps in case of fire: Speed when leaving the building.
The new BMZ speech siren was developed for support purposes. It is radio-controlled, is powered by batteries for up to 2 years and can be installed anywhere in the house. Battery operation is important so that the alarm also functions in the event of a power failure.
As soon as one of the smoke detectors is triggered, the radio signal from the smoke detector is sent to the BMZ control centre. There will be displayed where it burns. 
Simultaneously, the central unit sends a radio signal to the BMZ speech siren and starts to transmit it.
The BMZ speech siren starts immediately, it emits a loud siren howl tone, then a stored speech text is played 3 times, then the siren tone is briefly played again, again 3 times the speech announcement, etc. This is continued until the reset button on the BMZ language siren is pressed or the BMZ language siren is burned).
You can get your own picture of the BMZ speech siren by watching a short video on YouTube. Please turn your speakers on before you start the video clip.

video source: AMG/YouTube
With the BMZ language siren you can alert your family, employees or guests immediately, clearly and insistently. No valuable time is lost, everyone knows immediately what happened and how to behave.
You can use any number of BMZ speech sirens, e.g. on different floors. The distance between the central unit and the BMZ speech siren can be up to 100 m outdoors or up to 60 m in buildings. If there are radio range problems between the central unit and the BMZ speech siren, a bridge signal transmitter can be interposed. It picks up the signal from the control panel, amplifies it and transmits it to the BMZ speech siren, so that the radio links can be approximately doubled. The bridge signal transmitter is inexpensive and can be readjusted if necessary.
The BMZ speech siren works with 3 x D mono alkaline batteries, we recommend to replace them every 2 years as a precaution, even if the operation takes longer than 2 years.
The siren howl and text are stored on a micro SD card and can be changed from any PC as needed.
Secure your family, employees or guests with fast and clear alarms and commands, because every second counts in the event of a fire!
Scope of supply:

1 x BMZ-Language Siren
3 x D-Battery
1 x easy to read manual in English
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