Window bar (mechanical) + LED warning sticker

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  • without drillings in the visible area, thus the optics of your windows will not be attacked
  • made of carbon special steel
  • Also suitable for rental apartments
  • significantly smaller and less obtrusive than conventional bars
  • With integrated magnets super to connect with AlarmTab or other systems
  • saves also tilted windows



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New: Window- and T-transom without drill holes in the visible area

Window- and T-transom transoms are one of the best solutions against burglars.
The mechanical window latch is the first solution on the market that can be used alone or in conjunction with any magnetic window sensor from any manufacturer.
Most suppliers use magnets for their window and door sensors. This bolt can be combined with the usual window sensors to form a mechatronic fuse.
All TabTechnic sensors that use a magnet are suitable for this, as are external sensors.
The tip of the bolt has a concealed magnet built into it. When you turn this magnet into the vicinity of the sensor, the sensor switches to surveillance.
Since the higher-value system has an app, it can be indicated there whether the bolt is closed, i.e. next to the sensor.
Amidst the many other advantages of the mechanical bolt, our retrofit bolt is therefore the only product that can turn electronic fuses into mechatronic fuses at a later date.

Many models at different prices are offered on the market. We checked all the bolts carefully, no model could satisfy us. The bars offered so far have a number of disadvantages:

  • The bars are large and change the view of windows and doors greatly
  • many bars are very difficult to handle, often additional keys are needed
  • Windows can only be tilted if the latch has been removed, and the latch must be released before tilting.
  • The bolts cannot be connected to existing alarm sensors to form a mechatronic fuse
Decide for the latest solution in the field of mechanical fuses. Any police force will confirm that mechanical security is one of the most effective ways to protect against burglary.

LED warning stickers

The most effective burglary protection is deterrence.

An effective product for deterrence is the newly developed LED warning sticker. The red LED flashes clearly visibly on the window or window pane, indicating that the owner has taken precautions against burglary. For the driver, the flashing LED and the electronics board visible in the walker look like an alarm sensor. In most cases, the children would rather look for an unprotected object.

LED warning sticker Demo

The round housing has a diameter of 70 mm and is 18 mm thick. The electronics and the battery are built into the transparent case. The 3.6V AA lithium battery supplies power to the LED warning sticker up to 2 years and can then be replaced. The attachment is made inside on any pane by means of an adhesive pad (round white dot in the front view of the LED warning sticker)

Protect your home or company with the new LED warning sticker against burglars, fast, effective and inexpensive.

Window frame Sticker DIN number

More information can be found in the product brochureüre

More information

Scope of supply:

1 x window bar made of carbon special steel in blister
1 x extension for window frames up to 50mm profile depth
2 x M5 screws for extensionngerung
2 x Spax special screws with cutting tip
6 x washers for compensating different window profiles
2 x white sealing flaps for drill holes

1 x LED warning sticker
1 x 3.6V AA lithium battery
1 x adhesive pad for mounting

>span style="font-weight: bold">This mounting tool is supplied free of charge:

1 x Torx Bit for M5 screws
1 x Torx Bit for Spax screws
1 x 4 mm drill bit
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Fensterriegel (mechanisch)

Der wirksamste Einbruchschutz ist Abschreckung.

Ein wirksames Produkt zur Abschreckung ist der neu entwickelte LED Warnaufkleber. Die rote LED blinkt deutlich sichtbar an der Fenster- oder Türscheibe und signalisiert so, dass der Eigentümer gegen Einbrüche vorgesorgt hat. Für den Täter sehen die blinkende LED und die im Gehäuse sichtbare Elektronikplatine wie ein Alarmsensor aus. In den meisten Fällen suchen sich die Täter dann lieber ein ungeschütztes Objekt.

LED-Warnaufkleber Demo

Das runde Gehäuse hat einen Durchmesser von 70 mm und ist 18 mm dick. Im transparenten Gehäuse sind die Elektronik und die Batterie verbaut. Die 3,6V Lithium Batterie in AA Größe versorgt den LED Warnaufkleber bis zu 2 Jahre mit Strom und kann dann ausgetauscht werden. Die Befestigung erfolgt innen an jeder beliebigen Scheibe mittels Klebepad (runder weißer Punkt in der Frontansicht des LED Warnaufklebers)

Schützen Sie Ihr Zuhause oder Firma mit dem neuen LED Warnaufkleber gegen Einbrecher, schnell, wirkungsvoll und preiswert.

Fensterriegel einfach montieren (MONTAGEVIDEO)


Pro Meter soll laut DIN-18104-1 eine mechanische Fenstersicherung angebracht werden.

Der neue Fenster-Türriegel ist für alle gängigen Fenster und Türen aus Kunststoff, Holz und Aluminium geeignet. Bitte prüfen Sie vor einer Bestellung die Profiltiefe, der Riegel kann für Profiltiefen zwischen 25 und 50 mm eingesetzt werden.