UV-ID Stamp Set 02 with Unlimited Registration

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With this UV anti-theft device you can mark your valuables invisibly. Your personal identification number is registered in a database accessible to the police. This will return you stolen valuables in case of finding them.

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New: AMG safety technology introduces nationwide protection of valuables!

Every year countless valuables are stolen in Germany. A large part reappears when the thief tries to make the valuable item into money.

Therefore, one reads frequently in the newspaper "stolen property seizes, police seeks rightful owner".

To solve this problem, AMG-Sicherheitstechnik has developed an "invisible" anti-theft device. This allows the police to immediately confiscate confiscated stolen goods to their rightful owners.

How does this anti-theft device work?

You will receive an ID stamp set with a special, waterproof color from us. The special color is visible only under ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365nm invisible to the human eye.

Below you can see the difference.

Picture 1 shows an object with normal illumination:

UV ID_Stempel01

Figure 2 shows you the same item under ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365 nanometers:

UV ID_Stempel02

Each ID stamp has its own anonymous ID number and is a unique one that exists only once and is assigned to you as the legal owner. This assignment can be viewed by the police in a nationwide register. This will allow the police to identify the rightful owner immediately and return your stolen goods to you. Confiscated stolen goods are always examined by the police with UV light to make offender traces such as dander, hair, fingerprints etc. visible. This will immediately detect your theft deterrent.

Note on UV marking:

The marking is waterproof and therefore indefinitely durable if it is not deliberately removed with harsh solvents.

How is the anti-theft device used?

The ID stamp has a diameter of 30mm, with this ID stamp and the special, invisible color mark your most valuable items such as TV, laptop, paintings, etc. Anything larger than 30mm can be secured in this way. The special color is as good as invisible under normal light and can therefore be safely used anywhere, even outdoors.

The set includes an ID stamp with 2 x 4ml special ink (enough for about 200 stamp impressions), a stamp pad with squeegee and a UV lamp with 365nm. The stamp can be used indefinitely, stamping ink can be reordered at any time if required.

The manual explains in a few steps how to use the stamping process.

The UV anti-theft device with registration in the anti-theft register you acquire indefinitely in this offer.

Secure your valuables now, otherwise in the case of a theft, it is very unlikely that you will get your property back.


1 x UV lamp
1 x Black stamp pad about 8x8cm
1 x Squeegee to spread the color on the stamp pad
2 x Cotton pads
1 x ID stamp
2 x 4ml syringe with special color
1 x Easy to understand manual

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UV-ID-Stempelset Set