Radio Alarm Anniversary Set "30 years AMG" 02 / Ready to use large complete system!

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The company AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was founded in 1988. In 2016 we celebrate 28 years anniversary. With this anniversary set we would like to thank all our current and future customers with the uniquely low price!

List Price: 559.00 EUR
Special price: 298,00 EUR
special feature:
with radio outdoor siren FAS-01

Produkt Merkmale:

Radio connection: GSM
Push messages via: Call
use options: rented apartment Houses / commercial
Zonen: 40 für Funksensoren

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The company AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was founded in 1988. In 2018 we celebrate our 30th anniversary. With this anniversary set we would like to thank all our current and future customers with the uniquely low price!


1 x Alarm and dialing center AW-100/3 GSM
2 x Remote control
3 x Wireless motion detectors (wide angle)
1 x Outdoor radio siren FAS-01
8 x Magnetic door / window sensor
3 x Warning stickers
1 x Radio smoke detector with additional heat sensor - with "instant alarm" function
1 x Emergency battery
1 x Power supply
1 x Easy to understand manual in German

List Price: 559.00 EUR
Special price: 298,00 EUR

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Radio Alarm Anniversary Set "27 years AMG" 01 without siren /
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Radio Alarm Anniversary Set "27 years AMG" 02 with radio outdoor siren FAS-01 /
Special price: 298,00 EUR

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With this alarm system, you always have a secure feeling . It protects your belongings reliably against unpleasant intruders. The AW-100/3 GSM alarm system shines with a sophisticated security system. It not only deterred burglars, but also informs you in case of emergency by phone call. Even in the event of a power outage, the backup battery supplies power to the control panel for up to 8 hours.

No expensive modem required

The new alarm center AW-100/3 GSM has an integrated GSM dialer . This eliminates an additional purchase of an expensive external GSM modem.

Storage space for 40 sensors

The AW-100/3 GSM can store up to 40 different sensors . Thus, each sensor receives its own memory space and its own digital display when the sensor sends a signal to the control panel. You can split all 100 sensors into Partial Sharpness and Full Sharpness modes. This makes it possible to deactivate any sensor, regardless of whether motion detector, door contact, glass breakage detector, etc. at the touch of a button separately from the other sensors. So you can z. B. move freely at night in the apartment and the "outer skin" of the apartment, basement, garage, garden shed, etc. are still secured . Each sensor shows you exactly on the control panel with its sensor number, which detector has triggered an alarm.

Own alarm text and room monitoring

You can save an alarm text up to 12 seconds long. In the event of an alarm, this text will be played, then the AW-100/3 GSM will notify you by acoustic signals whether it is a burglary, emergency signal or fire / gas / water alarm. Then the AW-100/3 GSM switches to microphone monitoring and you can listen to your apartment for as long as you like. The built-in microphone is so sensitive that you can even hear whispered conversations from a distance of 6 meters. On request, the siren can be restarted by means of a telephone keypad, in order to drive away any intruders. A total of 9 phone numbers (including cell phone numbers) can be stored.

Loud alarm

The AW-100/3 GSM has a built-in loud siren (up to 110 dB: that's as loud as an express train in the station!) And also provides a connection for a wired or a wireless indoor siren and wireless siren .

tamper protection

The motion detectors are protected against sabotage, a manipulation is signaled by radio signal to the control panel and an alarm is triggered. The motion detectors are the latest technology. The long-known passive infrared sensors have been combined with the new microwave sensor technology . This dual sensor technology provides the highest level of false alarm safety.

individually expandable

You can combine the alarm system with various signal generators : door / window contact, wireless outdoor siren, motion detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, broken glass, remote controls and much more

Functions at a glance

  • GSM frequency: quad-band 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
  • Supports 2 groups for time and day of the week controlled to arm and disarm
  • Possibility to delay arming to leave the monitored areas after switching, setting from 1-99 seconds possible
  • 5 ways to arm and disarm the control panel: via radio transmitter, pin code transmitter, SMS, call, or pin at the control panel
  • 6 arming modes: Immediately armed via radio transmitter, leaving delay, partially armed, timed sharp, sharp by call, sharp via SMS
  • Integrated transmitter for radio siren
  • Storage space for up to 8 remote controls
  • A storage space for connection to an alarm service provider, SMS also possible
  • 8 memory locations for telephone numbers, for alarm calls, or SMS
  • Automatic recording of the last 80 alarm events and 99 armed / disarmed circuits
  • Compatible with the internationally used? Ademco Contact ID? Alarm communication protocol
  • Two SMS / call / alarm switchable relay outputs
  • Highly sensitive microphone for acoustic room monitoring, also activatable by telephone call
  • High ranges between sensors and control panel, 150 to 250 meters, depending on the surrounding area

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