Aris-868 Room Volume Sensor "Aura 200"

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As soon as a door or window is opened or closed, the air oscillates in a frequency that is inaudible to humans. These vibrations are registered by the sensor and triggers an alarm.

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As soon as a door or window is opened or closed, the air oscillates in a frequency that is inaudible to humans. These vibrations are registered by the sensor and triggers an alarm.

The advantage of this new sensor:
You can monitor a whole apartment or a complete office up to about 200 square meters with only 1 sensor without installation work. And you can move freely in your own rooms when the control center is switched on. Even tilted windows or 2 connected floors (via an open stairwell such as in residential buildings usual) can be monitored. Any number of room volume sensors can be used to secure larger areas or independent areas, because each sensor sends its radio signal in case of alarm up to 50 m inside buildings or up to 150 m in visual contact with the control center. As soon as the sensor is triggered, it transmits a coded, individual radio signal to the alarm center, which then triggers the alarm or calls the owner.

The new room volume sensor is thus one of the most modern technologies for monitoring closed rooms and vehicles and is only available through AMG and licensed specialist dealers. In order for the sensor to work correctly, it is necessary to set the sensitivity to the respective room volume.

You will find a set screw (potentiometer) on the housing, with which the sensitivity is finely adjusted. In addition, you will find a 2-step slide switch, with which the sensitivity is set to a lesser extent (level 1 less sensitive, level 2 more sensitive). First of all, check whether the setting on delivery is sufficient by switching on the small, internal beeper (Buzzer) and the sensor and then opening a door or window. When alarm is triggered, this setting may initially remain. If, for example, no alarm is triggered when opening a window, you should slightly increase the sensitivity by turning the adjusting screw and, if necessary, using the slide switch on level 2.

When the sensor trips, you will hear a beep lasting about 2 seconds via the internal beeper. You can reduce the volume of the beep sound by about 50% by sticking the hole in the housing behind which the beeper is located with a piece of Tesafilm. Or you switch off the beeper altogether and the sensor only triggers the main alarm via radio signal. With the internal beeper, the sensor can also be used as a stand-alone alarm system (without arming the main control unit) in the presence of your own rooms.

Please do not set the sensitivity too high, as otherwise the tilting windows or the oncoming wind or a switching on ventilation system can trigger an unwanted alarm. Always make sure that all windows and doors are completely closed when leaving the apartment / office before you can arm the alarm panel. If you strike a target with a flat hand from the outside with medium strength and an alarm is triggered, we recommend lowering the sensitivity somewhat to avoid false alarms. Please do not adjust the sensor so sensitively that it triggers even with careful and slow opening of the windows and doors. In the event of a burglary, the windows and doors are forced open by force, causing them to jump open at a certain speed. If you set the sensor so that it triggers at such opening speeds, it is completely sufficient for the hedge. You also have the additional advantage that your alarm system offers an optimum of false alarm security.

You can choose the installation location for the sensor as you like, but you should make sure that the radio signal reaches the main unit reliably. You can achieve the largest monitoring area and the best monitoring function by installing the sensor in the middle of the apartment / office. And it is recommended to leave all room doors ajar so that the air vibrations can reach the sensor sufficiently. The sensor has a backup battery and can bypass mains power failure for about 5 hours. The 12V power supply can remain permanently connected to the sensor. Alternatively, the sensor can be powered by any 12V (car) battery. The power consumption is about 30 mA, so enough for a 60 Ah car battery for about 6 months.

Furthermore, we recommend using this room volume sensor in homes and offices only as a building block of protection. A motion detector, for example, in the hallway as a second "security line" brings additional security and generates only small additional costs.

We see this sensor as an interesting sensor that offers many advantages, but how each sensor has its peculiarities and limitations. It is a very good sensor for protection when the remote star and the presence are closed. It also serves well when absent, for example by monitoring a room with many windows and angled room layout. Due to the integrated radio technology, the sensor can be used in many ways and also in spatially separated areas.


1 x Room volume sensor Aura 200
1 x Power supply 12V 2A
1 x User manual

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