The extra in security: AMG security technology and alarm technology

The number of burglaries has fallen significantly in recent years. The reason for this is, among other things, an increasing awareness of security technology and alarm technology among the population. Security and alarm technology is not only playing an increasingly important role for companies, but also for private households. More and more systems for the indoor and outdoor area of ​​a property aim at a high level of protection of the house or the commercial enterprise.

These include alarm systems, video surveillance, window and door security and intercom systems. The increasing interest in smart home devices is also increasing the use of motion detectors and smoke detectors, for example, as these can often be coupled very simply and easily with other smart home devices.

We at AMG are a reliable player when it comes to the security of your property. We focus on the development, manufacture and sale of innovative alarm systems and technology for video surveillance. In addition to products for property protection, our portfolio also includes a wide range of accessories for houses, apartments and businesses.

These include smart home systems such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, but also GPS systems, emergency call systems and door intercoms. We always offer a suitable and future-oriented solution for private customers and businesses. Our security technology is suitable for use in the home, business and also for vehicles.

Quality is our top priority for every product. Thanks to our 30-year company history, we have extensive and modern expertise. Innovative new developments set us apart. In our work, we rely on the practice-oriented development of the latest technology. Satisfied customers are our best reference, which is why our unbureaucratic and fast customer service is always available to you.

We are happy to advise you with professional competence and answer your questions with the appropriate know-how. Our individual advice is also supplemented by the development of customer-specific concepts and offers a wide range of optimal systems and ideal systems.

Better safe than sorry - our security technology for internal hazards

With our technology you not only protect your house or apartment, but also your family and your belongings. But our systems are not only used to protect against break-ins. With emergency call systems and smoke detectors, our portfolio also forms a pillar for in-house security. Smoke detectors must not be missing in the equipment of any object and serve for fire protection. You can save lives if it hangs in the right place and works perfectly.

They protect against dangerous smoke development in living spaces, which is why there is now a smoke detector requirement in Germany in all federal states. All rooms of an object must be equipped with smoke detectors, including bedrooms and children's rooms, hallways and living rooms. In single-family houses with an open staircase, a detector must also be installed there on each floor.

Emergency call systems can also protect people in need in the home in particular. Emergency call systems are used in emergency situations. Incidents such as the fall of an elderly person in need of help speak more and more for the relevance of emergency call systems. A radio transmitter, which is usually in the hand or around the neck of the person, can trigger an emergency alarm and help guaranteed.

Your plus with AMG systems:

✓ Property protection for private and commercial properties

✓ Comprehensive advice for technical questions

✓ Innovative systems and technology

✓ Uncomplicated installation of the systems

✓ Coupling with other security systems possible

✓ Planning, installation and maintenance according to current DIN standards